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Happy Christmas and Goodbye 2021

We would like to thank you for being part of the JWG community as we published the meeting notes from 2 great workshops this week and get ready to say ‘goodbye, 2021.’

JWG’s 2021 top-line conclusions:

  • The next wave of technology and data-centric regulatory obligations is forcing the market to move to digital controls
  • Obligations are crossing traditional boundaries as regulators take a truly systemic approach that makes compliance a verb, not a function
  • RegTech/ SupTech business cases are being undersold as big challenges with the engine, not how much better the ride will be a small investment
  • Large firms and trade associations are starting to provide the vision for regulatory endorsement of new digital standards (e.g., CDM)
  • Strategic engagement between the supply chain, firms and regulators is required now more than ever.

In case you missed it, we spelt out the importance of implementing RegTech control solutions in our RegCast here.

Key December updates

  • RegCast 20: Disrupting compliance focuses on how model-driven controls impact compliance
  • RegCast 19: Digital supply chain transparency describes the impact of new technology-centric regulation on financial services
  • Reporting task force: Materials from a fantastically productive DRTF4 – look for 8 Feb invites this week
  • Derivatives DRR: 8 Dec Digitizer WG, 10 Dec Architecture WG and 15 Dec Oversight committee 9here

You can learn more from the RegTech & SupTech all-stars at our annual conference which is now available on-demand here.

From all of us at JWG, have a happy Christmas and a great new year!

PJ, Corrina and Team JWG

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