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JWG redefine MiFID II implementation training

PRESS RELEASE:  Think-tank deploys RegDelta to help train MiFID II workforce

JWG, the financial services regulation think-tank, are offering a ground-breaking new face-to-face training course on 3 November 2015 in London.  Ground-breaking, because it is supported by the complete library of MiFID II documentation now loaded in RegDelta.

The clock is ticking for the thousands of professionals struggling to interpret millions of paragraphs of text in every FS business across the globe.  The key MiFID II question for 2016 is: can you explain to your regulator what you are doing to meet the entirety of the change requirements?

To date, 750,000 paragraphs of MiFID II text have been loaded into RegDelta and enriched with practical insight from 400+ hours of collaborative effort from top firms facing the 2017 implementation deadline.  The course is designed to quickly synthesise the key issues, put them in context to understand the risks and show you how to manage them.

Armed with unrivalled insight and experience, JWG’s MiFID II Implementation Training harnesses the power of crowdsourcing to spot deltas and navigate the evolving MiFID II landscape.  It is available for a broad spectrum of staff, from change functions to senior management.  Participants will have a chance to trial RegDelta, the world’s first regulatory change management solution that helps implement regulatory change better, faster and more efficiently.

PJ Di Giammarino, CEO, JWG, says: “We are excited to be scaling up our MiFID II Implementation Training programme at such a critical time for those trading in the EU.  We take pride in being able to provide our clients with the tools and knowledge they need to successfully manage and thrive during this period of transition.  Those that can adapt to the changes quickly and efficiently will be the ones to prosper.”

Blythe Barber, Managing Director, JWG, says: “Simply put, the MiFID II Implementation Training Programme gives our clients the edge.  The first course earlier this year had resoundingly positive feedback from everyone that attended, with average scores of 4.6 out of 5 for the content, relevance and presentation.  This next generation training will put attendees in control of MiFID II and its 30 plus interdependent regulatory initiatives that also need to be considered.  It will enable organisations to cut costs and help them spot what is required to change their processes, while telling them optimal time at which to do so.”

*RegDelta is a smart, complete and up-to-date ‘golden source’ library allowing firms to store, monitor, analyse and prioritise all the regulatory information that matters to them.


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