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JWG shines spotlight on FS digitization with RegCast

By Corrina Stokes, JWG

It has been a very busy 2021 and it is a very noisy financial services regulatory marketplace. JWG is pleased to be helping to contextualise the strategic issues in play with a new podcast series called RegCast which you can access here.


So what is RegCast?

RegCast is an industry spotlight on the business impact of forces for digital change. We pick key themes from 380,000 pages of regulatory publications across the globe and invite subject matter experts to put the listener on the inside track and home in on the strategies they recommend.


Why are we doing podcasts this year?

We find a real gap in the physical conference and online event market for strategic discussion about the implications of changes in political, regulatory or technology directions.

JWG want to put it all in perspective, identify key pain points for the system and how regulators, regulated and tech come to grips with this decades’ challenges


What is JWG hoping to achieve with RegCast?

We want to contextualise strategic issues and inform strategies for the development of digital policies and deployment of new technologies in a better, faster, cheaper and safer manner.


Why is PJ excited about it now?

Until COVID, FS struggled with the ‘last mile’ problem. Now, customers, markets, suppliers and infrastructure are demanding that businesses go digital. At the same time, regulators and politicians are introducing RegTech and SupTech to the mix and a whole new era of standardisation is kicking off. All this means lots of change and even more opportunity.


Who should be listening in?

RegCast is for the regulator, regulated, their suppliers and standard setters:

  • C-level execs
  • Policy formulators
  • Standard setters
  • Operations & Data
  • Technologists


What is the format of RegCast

Fast paced, key question-driven 30-minute podcasts hosted by PJ, with at least 2 expert speakers and subject matter experts


What are the key topics to be covered in the RegCasts?

The regulators have clearly redoubled their efforts to police the markets and politicians have introduced major new initiatives not foreseen by the framers of the G20 Financial Services plans back in 2009.

We will cover the pre-COVID book of work on new, digitized controls and standards for: market effectiveness, transparency, surveillance, behaviour and risk management standards (e.g., MiFID III, MAR2, Market Data, ESG, Identifiers, Data standards).

In addition, we will look at the new pure digital agendas: digital finance (CBDC, DeFI, Crypto), Digital integrity (DORA, Op resilience, Cyber, 3rd party risk, AI/Data ethics) and RegTech/Suptech (e.g., Digital Regulatory Reporting, CRR2 Art 430c, BIS innovation’s RIO)

Check in early Feb for our first edition w. industry thought leaders who will help shape the direction of the subsequent episodes.


Why JWG?

Since it was started as a Joint Working Group for MiFID I in 2006, JWG has been all about community-driven market intelligence. We’ve covered all the nuts and bolts of regulatory reform since the crisis and understand what it means at the coal face. In 2020 we worked hard to replicate the experience we’ve delivered in over 500 physical meetings online. Having now filled 800+ meeting seats last year, we’re beginning to get the hang of it!


How can I access it?

Download the podcasts and add to your bespoke library, created on the JWG website. RegCast can also be downloaded via Spotify, Amazon, Apple & Google.


Available on all major podcast platforms, including:

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