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RegDelta alert no 4: FDIC releases proposed rule on stress testing – 60 days to respond

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This month the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation published a proposal amending the Annual Stress Test rule.

The Annual Stress Test rule, originally published in October 2012, requires that non-member banks and FDIC insured state-chartered savings associations with total consolidated assets of more than $10 billion conduct annual stress tests.

The proposed amendment to the rule would push back the timing of the required stress tests by around three months. It would also determine that the applicable institutions will not be obliged to use Basel III advanced approaches to calculate their regulatory capital ratios until 2016. Banks have been given 60 days from publication to respond to the proposal.

We have loaded the document into RegDelta, meaning that those with access to the tool can use our risk ontology to analyse the document, and the delta function to compare the document with the original Annual Stress Test rule, in order to formulate their responses within the given timeframe.

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