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Welcome to the new RegTech

Welcome to our new and improved RegTech site.

The site will continue to bring you JWG’s analysis spanning the breadth of global regulatory reform as well as insight from collaborators across the industry, and it will aim to do so more accessibly, allowing you, the reader, to filter at a much more granular level. This will mean if you have a particular interest in AML or fund regulation or identifiers or MiFID II our latest news will be available at the click of a mouse.

RegTech is an innovative regulatory news and analysis platform hosted by JWG. Our readership includes regulators and the key players in legal, compliance, technology and operations departments at the world’s top financial institutions. Access to our mission critical news and comment offers those in the industry the platform to reach an audience difficult to find elsewhere.

At JWG, we have long prided ourselves on our desire and ability to analyse regulation through as wide a lens as possible, looking at the way in which it is intertwined on a global scale and the complexities that this causes.

This breadth of analysis calls for a clear, yet robust, way of filtering and finding articles and this is precisely what the new site is designed to provide. Our new structure allows the reader to filter articles by regulatory area, theme, regulatory initiative, article type and jurisdictional focus. For instance, if you want to find our views on market data, algo/HFT or KYC, now you can.

We hope you enjoy the new layout of the site, and we welcome any feedback from the community.

About JWG

We are operations and technology professionals trusted by the global financial services industry as experts in regulatory change management.

For the past decade, our team of independent analysts has helped the industry interpret large quantities of regulatory reform and action it in a smart and intelligent way. JWG work with trade bodies and regulators to facilitate the understanding of regulatory change and its impacts on financial institutions, both sell and buy-side, as well as the market infrastructure and vendors that serve them.

We do this in three ways. Firstly, we track the totality of the FS reform across the globe in order to educate the market via our publications, events and training programmes. In parallel, we run collaborative special interest groups to crowdsource the impact from legal, compliance and operational perspectives. Finally, we provide the world’s first regulatory change management platform, RegDelta.

Through all of our services, we help our clients make sense of the regulatory requirements and manage change better, faster, cheaper and safer.

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