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JWG RegTech Beacon 27 published

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2021 is off to a fast start with regulators redoubling their efforts to police a more digitally enabled market. In this Members newsletter we provide an overview of what JWG has been up to and what lies ahead.

Topics covered:

  • New themes for RegCast. We summarize our research on emerging global digital regulatory themes and highlight our new RegCast spotlight which fills an important void for strategic insight into digitization challenges
  • RegDelta Radar Services. As regulatory updates spiked over 300%, we released a major upgrade to our ontology – extending it 2,000 terms into another language as well as covering future regulatory plans, giving our clients powerful new MI reporting
  • Scaling-up data collection. With 700,000 regulatory ‘events’ to track last year we expanded operations to Kenya, India and the Philippines. This enabled us to increase our RegDelta document capture 300% to 28,000 documents in 2020
  • JWG’s research programme. After several successes in shaping the agenda last year, our 2021 research programme is focused on surveillancereportingdata and cloud as we continue to drive the Global Derivatives Digital Regulatory Reporting programme
  • Digitizing JWG. In 2020 JWG moved online to fill 881 seats from a truly global audience and we describe how members from 130 countries can interact with JWG and our partners. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with you virtually as we make plans to reintroduce (we hope) face to face interaction in Q4 for our 6th annual conference.

Despite its challenges, we see 2020 as a high point for digitally enabled collaboration in our sector. In many ways, it may have delivered the push we all needed to take the next steps up the proverbial mountain. Thank you to all of you who have helped the JWG community push forwards on many fronts over the last year.

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