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JWG RegTech Beacon 28 published

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We are delighted to publish the 28th issue of JWG’s RegTech Beacon which now serves as our yearbook that recaps 2021 accomplishments and provides an outlook of what lies ahead.

Our focus this year is defining the next steps required for a truly digital financial infrastructure.   In this edition you will find:

  • 2022 outlook. We summarize our research on the RegTech and FS policy agendas, the strategic implications for the sector and hone in on the key 2022 RegTech/SupTech dialogues which will drive JWG’s community and data-fuelled research agenda
  • JWG’s research programme. Our 2021 research programme explored the impact of a democratised market, digital regulatory and new technology and risks control frameworks
  • Digital events. We expanded our digital footprint rapidly last year and website traffic nearly doubled as we published one document every workday to support 48 events. 20 RegCasts reached 5,578 listeners and nearly 400 attended the annual conference which remains online until May
  • Regulatory semantics & data. We fine-tuned our operating model to provide relevant updates in near real-time. We extended our ontology 20% to 5,000 concepts and exciting times are ahead for team JWG as we scale our RegDelta Radar reporting services 
  • 2022 plans. We continue to develop our ever-growing ecosystem and embrace the new fronter of digital finance and solidify our global position as educators, informers and agents of change.

Thank you to all of you who have helped the JWG community push forwards on many fronts over the last year.

We hope you enjoy this edition of the Beacon and please let us know if you are interested in participating in the journey its light illuminates.


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We hope that you enjoy this edition of the Beacon and please contact know if you have any questions or would like to work with us.

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