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With the industry facing a 60,000 regulatory document mountain, JWG is finding new ways to deploy technology and crowd sourcing to help. In this members-only issue we cover our RegTech outlook and initiatives including:   Launch of JWG’s new RegTech SIGs – The restructured membership groups are broadening and improving our coverage MIG update – With

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Seismic decisions around the globe last year will make this year the most uncertain for future plans since the G20 agreed regulatory implementation priorities in 2009. Though the shifting tectonic plates of geopolitics will dominate 2017 headlines, the uncertainty doesn’t matter from an implementation perspective. There is an unprecedented level to change to get on

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We are pleased to publish the latest copy of our newsletter, RegBeacon. In this edition we look back on a quarter that saw us take major steps forward with our regulatory change management platform, RegDelta, host more than 10 industry working groups and agree to host another crucial conference on RegTech. As politicians, courts, regulators

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We are pleased to publish the 14th edition of our members only newsletter, RegBeacon. RegBeacon, is now available here. In this quarter we look one of the most contentious periods since the G20 agreed the regulatory reform agenda seven years ago. As politicians, courts, regulators, and firms wrestle with the same issues, we see a

JWG analysis. Q3 has been an incredibly busy quarter for global regulators. We could fill pages with acronyms describing the new requirements for financial institutions, but we will spare you that. Instead, RegBeacon will provide an overview of the latest developments in the regulatory landscape as well as updating you on what the JWG team

JWG analysis. The removal of a number of financial practices has altered the regulatory environment in recent decades.  With new landmark legislations coming in to play soon, regulators across Europe look set to bring down the curtain on another. Under the existing practice of bundled commissions, asset managers charge clients to manage their funds but

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JWG analysis. Since the turn of the year, we have not seen the pace of reform slow down. We could fill pages with acronyms describing the new requirements for financial institutions, but we will spare you that. We are aiming high and expanding our coverage beyond the G20 to track over 600 regulatory initiatives and

RegBeacon now published for members.

Happy New Year!  Many may have been disappointed by snowless mountains this year but here, in the FS sector, our regulators are making sure we’re covered. Far from a light dusting, this year’s ‘Christmas dump’ exceeded our expectations and all corners of the earth are now digging out from under the 4,000 pages that fell