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Q1 RegBeacon now available to members

We are pleased to publish the 14th edition of our members only newsletter, RegBeacon. RegBeacon, is now available here.

In this quarter we look one of the most contentious periods since the G20 agreed the regulatory reform agenda seven years ago.

As politicians, courts, regulators, and firms wrestle with the same issues, we see a rare window of opportunity for 2016 to become the year we all started to work together.

Why? Well, when we step back and look at all the dynamics, everyone should understand by now that their only hope is to align the herds and use new RegTech as the bridge to deliver on the politicians’ ask… before it is too late.

If the actors come together to do RegTech right, politicians can appease their constituents, regulators will strengthen their framework in a sustainable manner, and firms can reduce costs while still complying with the same rules.

In this edition you can find:

  • Feature: Reframing the path to safety with RegTech!
  • JWG’s Q1 report card
  • CDMG update Q1 2016
  • MIG update Q1 2016
  • RegTech update: the most read articles
  • RegTech roundtable: FCA update
  • RegDelta Q1 2016 platform developments
  • EU data standards: regulator engagement progress
  • Events: new event now on!
  • RegIT: another course delivered

As JWG continues to expand its products, services and team, we stand ready to help. The industry’s recognition of the need for Regtech and the uptake of our next generation regulatory change management platform, RegDelta, are just two examples.

We are working hard to ensure we continue our progress into the next quarter and we hope you enjoy this member’s only snapshot.

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