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RegBeacon now available to JWG members

Our winter 2013 edition of the members-only newsletter, RegBeacon, is now available here (after logging in, you can find RegBeacon on the publications page in the media centre).

We’ve worked hard to shine a meaningful, but comprehensive, spotlight on the key waves breaking over 2014. In this edition you’ll find our views on:

  • 2014 regulatory outlook
  • CDMG 2013 review
  • Online community update
  • 2014 trends: what to expect
  • The new 2014 playing field
  • RegDelta update
  • What RegTechFS tells us about your priorities
  • CDMG 2014: the year ahead

As we launch the 2014 meeting season, we are keen to get feedback from you on how our member agenda and communications could be best tailored to suit your needs

If you would like to discuss our membership options, you can find contact details here or simply email

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