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ESMA reveals supervisory plans for 2016 – part 2
01 Mar

ESMA reveals supervisory plans for 2016 – part 2

  • 1st March 2016
  • Aisha Dudhia

Continuing on from part 1, where we discussed the European regulator’s priorities for Credit Rating Agencies (CRAs) and Trade Repositories (TRs) for 2016, we now look at the nature and focus of the work the regulator plans to carry out this year to promote supervisory convergence. In October 2015, the European Securities and Markets Authority Read More

25 Jan

A busy month for financial services regulation

In the past month, we’ve celebrated the holiday season and brought in the new year, but there has been no rest for the wicked and regulators have been busy scrambling to meet deadlines and push out new regulatory documents.  In the period before Christmas, we witnessed a lot of developments and it’s safe to say Read More

11 Jan

RegRoundup 11 January: risks and regulatory battles

The new year has not brought any better luck for China’s economy. As stocks continue to slump, the People’s Bank has again devalued the Yuan to somewhat limited results. Meanwhile the debate over how best to control Wall Street is getting no less fiery. Bernie Sanders has made clear his intentions to ringfence investment banks Read More

08 Dec

Six years on from the financial crisis… where have we got to and where do we go from here?

Financial regulation remains as complex as ever. Complex new niches such as shadow banking, Fintech, and Over-the-Counter Derivatives, and the increasing interconnectedness of Financial Institutions (FIs) across the world, have led to greater risks to be managed for regulators. With this in mind, how they manage to get ahead of these rapid financial evolutions and Read More

13 Oct

10 new hot EBA releases this quarter

  • 13th October 2015
  • Aisha Dudhia

JWG analysis. The European Banking Authority (EBA) have been particularly busy this year, publishing over 30 key documents (5 consultations, 5 guidelines, 7 technical standards, 4 opinions and 11 reports and other notable publications) between June and August. Keeping up this pace, according to the EBA’s September newsletter, we can expect 25 deliverables covering 16 Read More

07 Sep

Ticket to ride – part two: new ventures under EuVECA

  • 7th September 2015
  • Mark Robinson

JWG analysis. Regulators have given a huge boost to the small and medium enterprise (SME) markets under EuVECA, which aims to support the harmonisation and growth of the EU’s venture capital funds.  Venture capital funds are investment funds that specifically focus on pooling funding from other financial institutions (such as pension funds) in order to Read More

22 Nov

Country-by-country reporting: HMT tells banks to design their own reports

The 4th Capital Requirements Directive (CRD IV) requires banks to report to their national regulators, so-called ‘country-by-country reporting’.  Individual Member States have been tasked by the EBA with issuing national standards for firms regulated under CRD IV to carry out this reporting.  The results from the UK’s Country-by-Country reporting (CBCR) for capital requirements consultation were Read More