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RegRoundup 18 January: Who, or what, do we need to be watching out for?
11 Jan

RegRoundup 11 January: risks and regulatory battles

The new year has not brought any better luck for China’s economy. As stocks continue to slump, the People’s Bank has again devalued the Yuan to somewhat limited results. Meanwhile the debate over how best to control Wall Street is getting no less fiery. Bernie Sanders has made clear his intentions to ringfence investment banks Read More

05 Jan
Review of banking culture, FCA review of banks, UK banking review

Filling in the responsibility gap in UK banking

The FCA has just dropped their comprehensive review of UK banking culture, which focused on whether pay, promotions or incentives in the financial sector encourage malpractice.  Shortly after its announcement last year, it has been shelved, with the FCA citing that each business is unique and thus cannot easily be compared. To some this is Read More

16 Dec

10 key questions on the PRIIPs regulation

  • 16th December 2015
  • Aisha Dudhia

With members of the European Parliament Negotiating Team stating, in a letter addressed to Commissioner Hill, that they are “open to considering a wholesale delay of the application of MiFID II – MiFIR”, a delay to the new European market rules is now looking more likely than ever. But there are concerns that this potential Read More

02 Nov

How do we change the pace of regulation?

  • 2nd November 2015
  • Mark Robinson

JWG analysis. Tracey McDermott, acting Chief Executive of the FCA, called last week for a more sustainable regulatory framework that does not just reflect the atmosphere of the time. She was referring to what is being increasingly seen as the regulatory pendulum – the process of intense regulation following a financial crisis which then wears Read More

23 Sep

Preparing for the ‘ringfence’

JWG analysis. Following the introduction of the new ringfencing law, due to come into force 1 January 2019, the biggest UK banks strongly voiced their concerns. Although this new law will be difficult (and expensive!) for all banks involved to implement, firms with more global and diversified business models are facing additional complexities.  In particular, Read More

03 Sep

The AML umbrella continues to open

  • 3rd September 2015
  • David Miller

JWG analysis. Last week we wrote about thwarting financial crime through suspicious transaction reports (STRs) in the UK, and the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) concern over the integrity, accuracy and coverage of STRs.  On the other side of the Atlantic, FinCEN is proposing to extend their anti-money laundering (AML) regime to investment advisers.   Closing Read More

25 Aug

Connecting the dots: MAD/R interdependencies

  • 25th August 2015
  • Aisha Dudhia

JWG analysis. At the 8th Customer Data Management Group (CDMG) meeting of 2015, on 18 August, over 20 members from 10 firms came together to discuss the new Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) and the potential challenges it holds. With less than 11 months until particular sections of MAR will apply to the financial services industry, Read More