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GDPR compliance and Practical Law’s new data processor clauses
20 Apr

GDPR compliance and Practical Law’s new data processor clauses

The GDPR broadens and deepens the rules between data controllers and data processors for processing of personal data and for the first time, directly enforceable obligations are imposed on processors as well as controllers. The GDPR also requires that controllers and processors enter into written contracts (“C2P Clauses”). Practical Law recently published its data processing Read More

13 Apr

What has AI ever done for us?

This piece looks at the developing role of Artificial Intelligence in Legal Services. At the moment, legal AI is at the “frothy” part of the hype cycle. It’s a bit like the scene What did the Romans ever do for us? in the film the Life of Brian, but in reverse. The scene’s premise is Read More

10 Apr

Semantics: The future of rule books and policy controls

A key focus of our RegTech Capital Markets conference this year was ‘the future of rule books and policy controls’. To discuss this topic, we assembled a panel of experts including Paul North, Head of Product Management EMEA at BNY Mellon, Alan Blanchard, Senior Associate and Handbook Publisher at the FCA, Mark Sweeting, Head of Strategic Change, Basel Measurement Read More

09 Mar

RegTech 2018: beyond base camp

I was pleased to chair our third RegTech Capital Markets conference last week in London. Team JWG worked hard to get a global audience of over 350 senior individuals from more than 65 financial institutions as well as the vendor and regulatory community to frame a holistic perspective on where the industry is on its journey up Read More

27 Feb

Building Bridges: Semantics in regulation

In financial services there is a chasm stretching out between key players when it comes to regulation. This chasm comes with a huge risk of plummeting, and what lies at the bottom? Hefty fines for non-compliance? Unmet policy goals? Unintended Consequences? All of the above, and what is causing this rift? Semantics. The language used Read More

16 Feb

Trade Surveillance: restructuring the business landscape

Both MiFID II and MAR have completely changed the regulatory landscape in terms of voice communication surveillance. Both pieces of regulation place a greater emphasis on firms to monitor the surveillance controls that they implement, and also introduce new holistic trade surveillance requirements that, in turn, have driven the development of new, innovative, RegTech solutions. Read More

08 Feb

Regulatory tech collaboration: joining up the pieces?

2017 saw significant developments in financial and regulatory technological innovation – and many regulators have been moving in parallel. What is going on? In a nutshell, the global collaborative fabric is coming together. Of course, the landscape for global collaboration is by its very nature a patchwork that reflects differing policy objectives across the globe. Read More

04 Dec

GDPR: everything you need to know to become compliant

With the implementation date of GDPR just seven months away, firms will need to start getting to grips with the requirements soon to be ushered in under the EU’s flagship regulation for data protection.  As things stand, GDPR will kick in before the UK formally leaves the European Union, meaning that its implications will still Read More

23 Nov

MiFID II Research Rules: What is the Cost?

With only two months left until implementation, MiFID II research rules have been one of the most discussed issues within the industry.  Under the new rules, investment firms will no longer be able to accept research as a non-monetary benefit, unless a firm can prove that the research passes the quality enhancement test and that Read More