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Client Management SIG (CMS): This group focuses on AML and other regulations which govern client conduct.

CMS 15: Citadel / AMLDV Registry data sharing vision

Date: 28 November

Time:  15:00-16:30

Venue: FCA Stratford / Dial in


– high-level understanding about the viability of a Citadel/CH API

– identification of how this concept could apply in a broader way to other areas/ geographies

– identification of potential risks and mitigating actions required

– rough understanding of expected timelines


1. Citadel background and Companies house background

2. Potential high-level design principles for CH/Citadel data exchange

3. Operational challenges and potential solutions

4. Timing and operational constraints

5. Next steps

Citadel background: Citadel’s vision is to use homomorphic encryption, fuzzy logic and machine learning to identify discrepancies between firms’ datasets which are held in different places on the same customer. Once these differences are identified and judged to be materially significant, Citadel can then work with Companies’ house via an API to reconcile information. This will drastically reduce the number of times a customer is contacted and reduce the need for millions of emails between customers house and the industry.

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