JWG do not offer advice about regulation; rather, we create the conditions for the industry to come together.  Our special interest groups (SIGs) bring legal, operational, business, data and IT departments round the table to form a common view of the obligations and interpret their impact on a reference target operating model.

We are enjoying packed rooms with over 75 firms attending our 50+ industry meetings per year.  The exciting news is that these 200+ individuals are not just sell-side, many of the buy-side are also starting to take interest.  Other large infrastructure players are also now taking advantage of the service.

We monitor, analyse and ‘issue hop’ across trading, risk, structural and financial crime regulations to give our members a deep view of the operations, data and technology agendas.

Our current Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

MiFID II Implementation Group

RegTech Special Interest Groups

We are looking at regulation holistically, holding one session per stream every 6 weeks. Those streams being:


    • Client Management SIG (CMS): This work stream focuses on AML and other regulations related knowing clients from an end-to-end perspective



    • Trade Surveillance SIG (TSS): This work stream covers trading issues of what can be traded, where it can be traded, which types of firm can trade it and what systems they need to have in place to do so



    • Data & Security SIG (DSS): This work stream addresses issues around data security and privacy relating to record keeping, as well as the associated technology risk and risk data obligations



    • Reporting & Reference Data SIG (RRDS): This work stream covers reporting to regulators including but not limited to transaction reporting, we will get into the details of reporting formats, standards and collection mechanisms as well as data models and gap analysis across comparable regimes



Membership benefits

For firms, the advantages of membership for you include:

  • Participating with your peers to highlight major implementation issues from upcoming regulation
  • Collaborating and working together to validate your implementation plans with your market peers
  • Utilising JWG’s market leading analysis so you can know what the ‘hot issues’ are
  • Being able to participate in industry validated heat mapping and regulatory prioritisation exercises
  • Getting the right people within your firm to the relevant meetings
  • Networking with market leading suppliers and find the best solutions for your business (CDMG only).

For suppliers, the advantages of membership for you include:

  • Getting on top of the ‘hot issues’ which you can use to open doors and build relationships ahead of your competitors
  • Participating in meaningful dialogue with hundreds of senior tech/ops individuals in an ongoing series of meetings
  • Being able to share the research and market intelligence with your colleagues to educate them on market needs
  • Having the ability to use the JWG hotline for Q&A
  • Having a ‘ringside seat’ across many types of institutions (sell-side, buy-side, market infrastructure) to work out which are the most attractive targets for you
  • Collaborating with a network of like-minded suppliers with whom you can partner to meet industry needs
  • Informing your ‘go to market’ strategy and making sure you are getting ‘bang for your buck’ by leveraging the member updates and detailed analysis we share after each meeting.

Short of hiring market experts and spending lots of money on conferences, there are few comparative alternatives to JWG membership.

Looking for a place to start a new regulatory working group? Contact JWG today +44 20 7870 8004 or email us here.