22 February 2016 all-day
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JWG IT - Daniel Simpson
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About JWG and MiFID:

JWG Group was incorporated in 2006, in response to MiFID I. Since then, we have run over 80 separate workshops with experts on regulatory trading implementation. Today, we track over 600 regulations and are recognised by regulators, financial institutions and technology firms as the independent analysts to help determine how the right regulations can be implemented in the right way.

How JWG can help you with MiFID II:

MiFID II is linked to a number of other legislative initiatives, e.g., MAR and PRIIPS, but there are far more regulatory changes on the horizon.  Over 30 other interdependent regulatory initiatives need to be considered by implementers.

►    How are you going to contextualise the requirements for operations, data and technology suppliers?

►    Can you cut and paste into spreadsheets fast enough?

►    Have you thought through the ‘so whats’ in sufficient detail?

►    What will you do to test the results?

Our 1-day course will help put you in control of the text, bring you together with your peers to ‘crowdsource’ your heatmaps and help your BAU teams spot the deltas.  As 30,000+ pages of MiFID II text rolls into force, we’ll cut your cost of tracking the impact and resolving ‘known unknowns’.

JWG uses leading edge technology, a global taxonomy, proprietary methodology and big data to help you spot what is required, know what it means and revolutionise the way you do it.


►     9:00 Context: MiFID in the wider G20 regulatory landscape

►     9:50 Deltas: What is new, the MiFID I to MiFID II delta overview and impact assessment

►     10:20 How to operationalise your programme: The implementation work streams, key strategic decisions and key dependencies

►     11:20 Trading obligations and venues: Trading venues, systematic internalisers and HFT rules with RegDelta analysis exercise

►     13:00 Reporting and data management: Transaction reporting, data publication and reasonable commercial basis with RegDelta analysis exercise

►     13:50 Investor protection: Client classification, inducements, financial promotions and best execution with RegDelta analysis exercise

►     14:40 SYSC: Record keeping, microstructural controls and operational risk with RegDelta analysis exercise

►     15:30 Summary and close

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