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3rd Compliance & Transparency Forum 2021

PJ Di Giammarino


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About the Event

  • A UK Government-led forum in its third year.
  • A dynamic and engaging event bringing together the leading public and private sector actors from the UK, China and Southeast Asia to exchange knowledge and innovative practical techniques and solutions to tackle financial crime and related issues.
  • A vibrant and vital interaction between policymakers, regulatory bodies, law enforcement and industry leaders.
  • A chance to hear from government and industry experts and institutions making world-class contributions to improve compliance and transparency.

Event Agenda

5pm CST/ 9am UK time | Session 3: Panel Discussion RegTech Cooperation across Governments/Regions)

A panel discussion led by Rhys Gordon-Jones, Counsellor, Financial and Professional Services, British Embassy Beijing; as well as experts from JWG, CBA, Refinitiv and PwC to discuss the Regtech related cooperation across governments/regions in combating financial crime. Topic to be covered include: Money laundering, tax evasion and concealing wealth (OECD Common Reporting Standard).


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