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Global Derivatives DRR Programme Oversight Committee (POC3) – CFTC programme planning

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Add to Calendar June 29, 2021 3:00 pm June 29, 2021 4:00 pm Global Derivatives DRR Programme Oversight Committee (POC3) – CFTC programme planning


As will be noted in the forthcoming minutes of the second Global Derivatives DRR Programme oversight Committee (POC2) meeting, some members expressed their support for a US-focused project on CFTC implementation. We have agreed to work with US ISDA colleagues to convene a meeting to review potential CFTC project objectives, risks and targets with existing and new Members.


Please let us know you will attend by reply or acceptance of the meeting invite. The invitation has been sent to the same list of invitees as POC2 – please forward accordingly and note that there is no obligation for EMIR project members to attend.


Also, please let the secretariat know if you would like to have a 1:1 conversation in advance of this session to share your views.


Kind regards, PJ


Results from the session:

Plan. Flesh out big picture DRR Gantt chart

Responsibilities. RACI chart

Risks/ mitigation. Determine dependencies with association/ CDM plans

Documentation. Revise PID/ ToR (Sept 2020)

MI. Proposed programme tracking

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