RegDelta is the world’s first regulatory change management platform.  Designed by JWG, it was developed from first principles in close collaboration with regulators, financial institutions and technology partners.  This state of the art platform allows your enterprise to analyse and maintain a golden source of all your regulatory obligations.


Why use RegDelta?

By using RegDelta, firms can save significant time and effort in the regulatory change management process. Our analysis has found that programmes can be up to 34% more efficient, which will allow change functions to take on more strategic work, be more comprehensive and be more able to help set the agenda on key issues far earlier than previously possible.

How can RegDelta help manage regulatory change?

      • Navigate regulatory libraries with easily usable search tools
      • Explore requirements with Purpose built taxonomies aiding users to find issues and requirements efficiently at the document and paragraph level
      • Assign specific requirements to individuals or working groups using the Organisational Hierarchy function
      • Write comments on paragraphs to highlight issues or suggest actions
      • Tag potential impacts of requirements using the Impact Assessment function
      • Customise the reporting capability for all users
      • Create checklists for individuals to report on progress

Who does RegDelta help?


Legal, risk and compliance: Define and align requirements, focus on supervisory oversight, identify key areas requiring attention and deploy theresources required to address them

Operations and technology: Benefit from a comprehensive overview for workload planning, business analysis, resource deployment and supplier management

Senior management: Gain oversight of your regulatory reform programmes and track accountability throughout the firm.

Our RegDelta Instances

KYC – Know Your Customer

MiFID Programme Planner – MiFID II

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