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The London Governance and Compliance Academy (LGCA)

Advancing GRC Education for the Financial Services

The London Governance and Compliance Academy (LGCA) is a multi-accredited, UK-based executive education training and certification provider that focuses on the areas of Governance, Risk, Compliance for organisations operating in the financial and professional services sectors. LGCA is part of the European Institute of Management and Finance (EIMF) Group, one of Europe’s leading institutions for certified and executive education, professional qualifications, eLearning, and bespoke training solutions for companies in these industries. In-depth focus on Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) for the financial & professional services sectors.

Training programmes dedicated to all aspects of the global, UK & EU regulatory frameworks. International certifications from over 20 globally recognised GRC & financial associations.

Content delivered in a wide array of formats including self-paced online, live online & in person. Bespoke in-house training developed for your organisation’s specific needs & requirements.

Official training partner of The Association of Governance, Risk & Compliance (AGRC) & its range of Level 3 GRC certificates. An international roster of subject matter experts that includes renowned GRC professionals from the UK & EU. Preferred training provider of more than 1000 regulated financial services companies in the UK & beyond & close to 10,000 individual students. Corporate training solutions that include a free fully branded LMS platform.

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