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TraderServe specialises in creating novel, practical and high-performing solutions to some of the most challenging problems facing financial markets. For almost 20 years TraderServe has produced pioneering products and consultancy globally for algorithmic trading, best execution and algo compliance. Since 2003 we have assisted legislators and regulators in their development of proportionate and effective algorithmic trading regulation. TraderServe's flagship product AlgoGuard is the first commercially available algorithm stability testing platform which prevents deployment of algorithms which contribute to market disorder or commit market manipulation.

RegTech 2021 Conference
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Digitalisation of capital markets?

Cries for faster, better, and cheaper access to financial services by millions of investors have shaken the markets this year. MiFID II’s market infrastructure and post trade transparency regime is being rethought on both sides of the channel while new SEC and CFTC rules are debated. Digitalisation will be key to establishing market trust and confidence with new trading rules, transparency, testing and reporting obligations. What will be the impact of rewiring the markets to accommodate digital demands?

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