What is CDMG?

CDMGlogo_mainThe Customer Data Management Group (CDMG) is a special interest group (SIG) hosted by JWG, a think-tank of senior professionals with extensive experience in Financial Services (FS) operations and technology implementation.

Today’s investment firms need to know their customer and product data better and access it faster and cheaper if they are to rise to the new challenges they face from the combination of market and operational pressures introduced this decade.

CDMG’s members are comprised of senior personnel from operations, risk and compliance at major financial institutions.


CDMG is the leading resource for insight on the implementation of global operating models which meet counterparty data management standards.

In this non-competitive arena, it makes little sense for market practitioners to define ‘what good looks like’ on their own. CDMG asks “what customer data problems are we trying to solve?” and “can practical guidance be created in a common way to keep us from rewriting the operating manual thousands of times over?” Our collaborative approach and the safety-net of our customer agreements allow us to delve into an operational depth not possible in other forums.


How can CDMG help manage regulatory change

  • Cost: Compliance costs can be high; convergence on the right industry practices can lower them
  • Timing: Get the right people talking about the right issues at the right time
  • Penalties: Limit impact by aligning with your peers to meet dozens of requirements and deadlines
  • Expertise: Decades of cross-disciplinary experience (operations, technical, legal, finance, etc.)
  • Safety: Neutral, closed turf to discuss and clarify issues before airing them.


How does CDMG membership work?

  • Research: Member-only RegBeacon commentary and analysis
  • Prioritisation: League table of issues and heat mapping of changes
  • Roundtables: Member-only, professionally facilitated and documented
  • Engagement: Regulatory meetings, memos, letters as agreed by the firms
  • Events: Access to high profile regulatory speakers with 40+ industry practitioners
  • News: Daily regulatory alerts of new regulatory requirements
  • Industry guidance: Industry guidance on best-practices and de minimus regulatory requirements
  • Thought leadership: Trade association agenda alignment
  • Communications: Publication of member views and hosting debates


Due to the success of the CDMG over the last seven years, we will be splitting the group into four separate streams to provide more relevant agendas for both firms and vendors and to deepen the discussion on RegTech, those streams will cover:

  • Trade surveillance. What can be traded, where it can be traded, which types of firm can trade it and what systems are needed to do so
  • Client management. The holistic obligations of KYC regulations on client data
  • Reporting and reference data. Reporting to regulators including, but not limited to, transaction reporting formats, standards, collection mechanisms and holistic data models
  • Data and security. Data security, privacy and associated technology risk and risk data requirements from a wide range of regulations.
    If you would like to find out more about the groups, please contact info@jwg-it.eu



For membership enquiries please contact +44 20 7870 8004 or email us on:  info@jwg-it.eu.