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Episode 18
Digitizing Compliance’s many dashboards

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Historically, regulatory expectations for Compliance officers have focused on identifying and remediating siloed risks which together provide an executive view of conduct and culture.

However, global expectations are shifting and a future where a predictive, integrated surveillance capability is supported by large datasets and scalable enterprise-wide solutions is emerging now. Complicate the picture with privacy risk and ethical issues and so called ‘Conduct tech’ may fail to deliver.

JWG asks, “What is the future tech stack for compliance and is your data strategy big or little?” and together with Richard Bain and Raj Bakhru discuss the next generation of compliance dashboards.

The group discusses a new report which purports to be a blueprint for the banking industry that members can leverage as they continue to evolve and refine their Conduct Analytics Frameworks.

JWG has finalized an all-star cast of  37 speakers from the best and the brightest in our space which will be gather virtually on 16th & 17th November 2021.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to join international firms, the Bank of England, FCA, global regulators and trade associations and top banks, along with leading academics in this 6th annual instalment of JWG’s premier global conference,  ‘NextGen RegTech meets SupTech’.

This spotlight covers: :

  • The challenges of integrating disparate operational silos
  • New technology needs to ‘spot the emoji’
  • Conduct Tech risks
  • Business risks introduced by enabling big access to little data
  • Skills requirements for data-savvy compliance officers
  • The future architecture of the compliance desktop

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