Regulatory Implementation Training (RegIT)


The industry has been bombarded with over 50,000 regulatory documents asking for changes to be made across all parts of financial services. Business processes – from risk management to trading desks to data management – are all affected but have been left without the resources, and the skill sets, to handle the scale and complexity of regulatory reform.

In response to industry demand for our 2014 training, we are building on our offerings to deliver a full middle and back-office programme for financial institutions and their suppliers. Our objective is to synthesise and make accessible a vast array of requirements so that you can readily understand the changes implied by the actual texts. Our value proposition is that we can orient your team, contextualise their requirements and define the required operating model changes via our unique regulatory data platform, RegDelta – all without the need for expensive consultants and law firms.

We will work with disruptive services models to scale our approach to reform in a better, faster, cheaper and safer manner:

      • Meet the decision makers, their structures, tools, processes and plans
      • Understand the helicopter view of the 500,000 pages of regulation so far
      • Know the legislative objectives, imperatives and milestones through to 2019
      • Get up to date on the key topics, known unknowns and deadlines
      • Find the ‘deltas’ between today’s requirements and what is being asked
      • Understand the methodology to implement regulation efficiently and safely.

Why JWG?

      • Constant contact with SMEs from within the industry: JWG works with regulators, financial institutions and technology firms as the independent analysts to help determine how the right regulations can be implemented in the right way.
      • 9+ years’ experience in the regulatory arena: We lead the market by level setting 70,000 pages of G20 regulatory reform per year, mapping the heat and delivering insight in a timely and politically sensitive manner.
      • Held training courses for C-suite executives at some of the largest financial institutions: We live and breathe regulation and its impacts in a way that no-one else does and our training reflects our world class expertise.

How RegIT can help:

Regulation pain points RegIT outcomes
50,000 documents is too many for your compliance team to read Have the framework to spot and digest new requirements
Complex, detailed rules make it difficult to know what are the differences that matter? Safely understand what is likely to hurt your operating model most
How do the different requirements link together across regulation and geography? Explain which requirements affects them, why and when
Inability to build a comprehensive picture of all the change drivers for your business Identify key risks and conduct impact assessments for your business
Constant tracking of new requirements mean continually revisiting completed projects Understand the key regulatory themes and which sources to be monitoring

Who should attend and why?

BAU and control functions Change functions and solution providers Senior management
Awareness: Understand the context and political drivers for the G20 action plan
Policies: Explain key trading, risk, financial crime and structural reform objectives
Process: Describe the key operators, their tools and the legislative process
Heat map: Identify which parts of business and operating model are affected and how
Holistic roadmap: Enables you to build realistic timelines and avoid unnecessary spend
Linkages: Understand how diverse regulatory requirements overlap and can be aligned
Thrive: Spot business opportunities
Regulatory dialogue: Know how to articulate cogent plans to your customers, suppliers and regulators
Strategic impact: Understand potential strategic business issues and critical implementation barriers
Avoid fines: Ensure your firm is not missing key regulation that should be on their radar


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