A UK Government-led forum in its third year. A dynamic and engaging event bringing together the leading public and private sector actors from the UK, China and Southeast Asia to exchange knowledge and innovative practical techniques and solutions to tackle financial crime and related issues. A vibrant and vital interaction between policymakers, regulatory bodies, law

Round the table: ​ Firms: Barclays, BNP, Credit Suisse, EDF Man, ING​ Vendors: Altergiaia, Datavisor, Grant Thornton, Lysis​ Regulators: FCA​ Independents: Mark Davies, Kumar Raju, Stephan Niermann, Samantha Sheen ​ 15+ people will dive into AMLD V RegTech use cases:​ Discuss latest status with FCA TechSprint & Companies house interaction​ Review conclusions from the RTC registry survey and implications for RTC Project​

Round the table: ​ Firms: Barclays, BNP, BlackRock, Citi, Credit Suisse, EDF Man, ING, GAM, Santander, Westpac​ Vendors: Altergiaia, pTools​ Regulators: FCA​ Independents: Stephan Niermann, Samantha Sheen ​ 15+ people will dive into AMLD V RegTech use cases:​ Review FCA TechSprint outcomes for UBO ​ Understand potential vehicles for leveraging Citadel’s solution​ Identify potential participants​ Agree plans for CMS and RegTech Council on 17 October

Round the table: ​ Firms: Blackrock, BNP, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, GAM, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Natwest Markets, Railsbank​ Regulator: Companies House, FCA​ Infrastructure: BvD, Ince, SEI​ 25 people will discuss:​ Align our current understanding of 5MLD registry challenges​ Define key challenges for the RegTech Council​ Agree a plan to mutualise the work required to digitize the exchange of data The

To recap, we have been working with your peer firms over the last 2 years to engage with the regulators on AML: The RegTech Council, at the direction of Barclays, Credit Suisse, BNP, Citi and other firms worked with the FCA to define the UBO use case for the global Tech Sprint last summer Team

Round the table: ​ Firms:  Barclays, BlackRock, BMO, BNP, Commerzbank, Credit Suisse, ED&F Man, GAM, Janus Henderson, Jeffries, JP Morgan, Macquarie, Man, Nomura, RBC, Santander, Scotia, Soc Gen, TD, UBS, Wells Fargo​ Vendors: Altergaia, Digital Reasoning, Grant Thornton, Lysis, NICE Actimize, pTools, Relativity Trace​ Regulators: FCA​ 30+ people will:​ Review recent conclusions from FCA review and Global AML TechSprint​ Discuss operating

Round the table: ​ Firms:  Aviva, BAML, Barclays, Blackrock, BNP, Commerzbank, CS, ED&F Man, Fidelity, GAM, Janus Henderson, Jefferies, Macquarie, Morgan Stanley, RBC, Santander, Scotia Bank, Soc Gen, State Street, TD and UBS ​ Vendors: Altergaia, Digital Reasoning, NICE Actimize, pTools, Relativity Trace​ 30+ people will:​ Discuss the results of JWG’s Surveillance Capability model research findings​ Discuss the group’s view of barriers