A spotlight on the business impact of digital regulation

Corrina Stokes

Corrina Stokes joined JWG Group in 2019 as Head of Business Development. She brings with her over 20 years of business development experience gained within FS, along with a background in journalism and business to business public relations. Working closely with PJ Di Giammarino, CEO of JWG, she is actively involved in growing & supporting the global JWG community of firms, regulators and leading technology companies.

As a leading market intelligence company, JWG offers a comprehensive set of special interest groups, cutting edge working groups, conferences and research programmes for RegTech and SupTech themes.  In 2020 alone JWG delivered over 24 physical meetings, 90% of which were online. It had 800 delegates from 50+ financial institutions, 10+ regulators and 50+ technology companies. In addition, Corrina has spearheaded the drive to digitize JWG’s physical meeting experience and provide members with a bespoke library of market intelligence with links to JWG’s analysis, events, podcasts and curated social media conversations which bring to life the real impact of regulatory change in the market.