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ARMs: MiFID II’s new player within transaction reporting
29 Nov

ARMs: MiFID II’s new player within transaction reporting

  • 29th November 2016
  • Bora Nanaj

In order to comply with the latest regulations, firms must manage their transaction reporting obligations.  A unified transaction reporting regime across the European Union (EU) was first introduced when MiFID I came into force in 2007 with the objective of detecting and investigating potential market abuses.  With MiFID II implementation set for January 2018, transaction Read More

03 Mar

Newsflash: you may be an ARM!

  • 3rd March 2016
  • Stefan Cristian Dorin

The “MiFID II/MiFIR & EMIR Reporting” conference last week in London was well attended by hardened reporting stalwarts, well used to moving technical mountains in order to deliver the billions of trade and transaction reports submitted by the industry every week.  Normally, not much phases this crowd, but one regulatory revelation managed just that. During Read More