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Blockchain to the identifier rescue?
18 Nov

Blockchain to the identifier rescue?

  • 18th November 2014
  • RegTechFS

By Darragh O’Grady and JWG. According to the latest LEI research we picked up at FIMA, only 11% of the population of ‘regulated and listed’ companies have so far received an identifier. This got us thinking about what new identity solutions were out there and we called upon our blockchain guru to offer an opinion. Read More

31 Oct

Crypto-currencies and the network effect

By Darragh O’Grady and JWG. It is very easy to get confused and overwhelmed by all the crypto-currencies (or math-based currencies) out there. It started out relatively simple with just bitcoin a few years ago. Now other currencies have joined the fray, including but not limited to, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Ethereum, Mastercoin, Counterparty, Ripple, NXT, Read More

14 Oct

Blockchain technology: part of your regulatory reform picture?

Darragh O’Grady and JWG. There has been much written lately on the potentially disruptive impact that digital currencies may have.  However, the blockchain architecture that underlies them has also been a recent subject of a CFTC meeting to discuss the potentially disruptive impact of this new technology.  We asked an architecture expert with a background Read More

10 Jan

Make not break: 2014 looks set to legitimise Bitcoin as an investment

2013 was a huge year in the development of alternate and decentralised ‘crypto-currencies’.  Some countries have so far taken relaxed stances on them, despite obvious money-laundering and tax evasion risks.  Meanwhile, others have taken the opposite approach and seen fit to ban crypto-currencies outright.  Either way, we are now beginning to see a clearer picture Read More

01 Jul

Bitcoin: A new regulatory frontier

It is known that regulators are continually playing catch-up with technological innovation in financial services, whether it’s HFT trading, being addressed in MiFID II, or internet banking in the new Bank Account Directive. Bitcoin, however, is an entirely new kettle of fish. For a start it’s a currency that comes bundled with its own payment Read More