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Latest edition of RegBeacon published
19 Oct

Latest edition of RegBeacon published

  • 19th October 2016
  • Daniel Simpson

We are pleased to publish the latest copy of our newsletter, RegBeacon. In this edition we look back on a quarter that saw us take major steps forward with our regulatory change management platform, RegDelta, host more than 10 industry working groups and agree to host another crucial conference on RegTech. As politicians, courts, regulators Read More

26 Nov

JWG members’ newsletter, RegBeacon, now published

JWG analysis. Q3 has been an incredibly busy quarter for global regulators. We could fill pages with acronyms describing the new requirements for financial institutions, but we will spare you that. Instead, RegBeacon will provide an overview of the latest developments in the regulatory landscape as well as updating you on what the JWG team Read More

26 Aug

GDPR … tick … tock … tick … tock

JWG analysis. Amongst a number of themes and issues that are raised on a regular basis at our monthly Customer Data Management Group (CDMG) meetings, data protection and the need for harmonisation are consistently top contenders. Recently, CDMG has covered the OECD Common Reporting Standard, MiFID II and the new Market Abuse Regulation, and will Read More

22 Apr

RegBeacon now published for members.

JWG analysis. Since the turn of the year, we have not seen the pace of reform slow down. We could fill pages with acronyms describing the new requirements for financial institutions, but we will spare you that. We are aiming high and expanding our coverage beyond the G20 to track over 600 regulatory initiatives and Read More

21 Apr

Get your MiFID II KYC checklist for 2016

  • 21st April 2015
  • RegTechFS

JWG analysis. JWG’s recent analysis report, the MiFID II KYC mountain, finds that financial institutions have a 12-item checklist to work through for their MiFID II KYC implementation due to the requirement for firms operating in the EU to acquire, document and agree much more information about their customer’s situation and their transacted business by Read More

10 Mar

Knowing the compliant customer in 2016

  • 10th March 2015
  • RegTechFS

JWG analysis. Regulations like FATCA, EMIR and Dodd-Frank have asked us to collect more information on our customers than ever before – but now it’s clear that was just the start of the story.  New regulation finds regulators even hungrier for information on the firm’s relationship with its customer, together with details of how information Read More

16 Jan

The cure for KYC sickness

JWG analysis. 2015 will see a number of new regulatory requirements, long in the proposal or draft stage, crystallise into prescriptions for better customer data management.  At a time when record fines for AML failures and new personal liability for senior managers have intensified the pressure to ‘get KYC right’, these ‘remedies’ pose significant challenges Read More

09 Jul

Know thy algo: how to define it, prove it, tame it. Part 2

  • 9th July 2014
  • RegTechFS

JWG analysis. The desire for tighter controls on algorithmic trading is growing globally.  Trading rules in the major financial centres will quickly set new minimum thresholds. As described in our previous piece on how algos are defined and controlled, Europe is again leading the pack and would appear to have serious intent to change the Read More

09 Jun

Battle weary? RegDelta is on its way!

  • 9th June 2014
  • RegTechFS

JWG analysis. For the past decade we have been making sense of the changes regulators want to make … and it’s not been easy.  JWG has worked with over 100 financial institutions, dozens of trade associations and regulators in several countries to mirror the detailed compliance requirements specified by the regulatory agenda to help define Read More