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24 Mar

Buy-side regulatory strategy: getting ahead of the game?

  • 24th March 2015
  • David Miller

JWG analysis. We attended an august gathering of 400+ buy-side professionals last week.  Not only did regulatory drivers get a healthy hearing, but the group discussed how they will impact the way business is going to be handled in the future. Clearly, margins are under pressure, brokers are not giving it away like they once Read More

17 Feb

Are your regulatory tribes sharing?

  • 17th February 2015
  • RegTechFS

JWG analysis. As we read the comments on our last article on the five tribes of regulatory reform, we were struck by the visceral reaction to the suggestion of sharing the agenda.  “Hands-off, that’s my mortgage you’re messing with”, commented one lawyer.  We wonder, can tribes achieve their overarching regulatory goals if they are NOT Read More