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Algo flagging – the future
04 Apr

Algo flagging – the future

By Sam Tyfield, Vedder Price. Algo flagging is currently only the concern of direct members of German venues.  But it’s going to have a much broader application under MiFID / MiFIR and become of concern to the buy-side too. Yesterday, the good Doctor Voigt of Fidessa published a blog about algo flagging.  It is well worth Read More

26 Mar

Survival of the quickest: The implications of Germany’s new HFT law

The long anticipated and much discussed new German high-frequency trading (HFT) law is now formally with us. In brief, Germany has introduced an authorisation regime for entities conducting HFT, but with significant extra-territorial consequences. The law has been passed by the Bundesrat and waits to be signed into law by the German President (probably at Read More