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20 Jun

The quest for a transparent global financial market

  • 20th June 2017
  • Jordan Dilworth

One of the many weaknesses that the financial crisis exposed was the feeble transparency framework in financial markets.  In response, MiFID II and MiFIR built on the regulatory agenda of the G20 by aiming to strengthen the transparency framework of markets in financial instruments, including OTC trading. Building on MiFID I, the second incarnation extends Read More

09 May

Building the bulwark: preparing your firm for data protection regulations

What image is conjured up when you hear the term “cybercriminal”?  A Guy Fawkes mask partially concealed underneath a black hoodie to the accompaniment of sinister music? Whilst this image provides an excellent trope for Saturday night TV, it does not reflect the reality of cybercrime. At our second RegTech Capital Markets Conference, we held Read More

08 Apr

MAR: time to worry about your opinions

  • 8th April 2016
  • Sukhvinder Gill

JWG’s Customer Data Management Group (CDMG) March focus was the soon to be implemented (3 July 2016) Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). JWG have created a set of rule interpretations for MAR which have been incorporated into our regulatory platform, RegDelta.  The March CDMG also included a rule interpretation segment, where participants ‘deep-dived’ a few of Read More

09 Feb

ESMA launches new MAR consultation as deadline draws closer

  • 9th February 2016
  • Aisha Dudhia

On 28 January 2016, ESMA published a paper consulting on a number of draft guidelines falling under a fraction of the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR).  This consultation paper was based on a previous discussion paper, issued by ESMA on 14 November 2013. In particular, the paper covers the mandates placed on ESMA to produce guidelines Read More

29 Jul

MAR Consultation Papers: an overview

  • 29th July 2014
  • RegTechFS

By Sam Tyfield, Vedder Price. Recently, ESMA published two consultation papers (CPs) on MAR: 1. draft technical standards on MAR (CP1) and 2. draft technical advice on Commission delegated acts (CP2).  The consultation period closes in October 2014. CP1 contains reference to insider trading, buy-backs and stabilisation, market soundings and other issues on which I Read More

27 Nov

Changes to the European market abuse regime: How can your firm prepare?

  • 27th November 2013
  • RegTechFS

The Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) was adopted back in July.  However, the key changes have yet to show up on many people’s radars.  Whether this is because people aren’t aware of the changes, or because implementation will be largely principles-/outcomes-based, is unclear.  But there are things for firms to do now, especially ahead of MiFID Read More