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The broad brush: Should FMIs be subject to bank-like RRPs?
12 Mar

The broad brush: Should FMIs be subject to bank-like RRPs?

Since ‘too big to fail’ changed its name to ‘systemically important’, regulators have been eager to show that they are ready and willing to resolve unviable banks.  Part of this approach has been to champion the virtues of financial market infrastructures (FMIs) such as clearing houses (CCPs), central securities depositories (CSDs) and payment systems.  However, Read More

05 Mar

EU RRPs: What will looser requirements mean for firms?

  • 5th March 2013
  • RegTechFS

Yesterday, 4th March, the Council published a compromise proposal detailing a possible final draft of the Recovery and Resolution Directive (RRD). Firms can breathe a mild sigh of relief as the document relents on some of the most stringent requirements. However, the proposal extends the rules in other areas creating a mixed picture overall. The Read More

18 Feb

G20 update for 2013: from Russia, with love?

The G20 has released its latest progress report following a 15-16 February summit in Moscow – the first meeting under the Russian presidency of the G20. This meeting largely focused on the direction regulation would take in the near future, progress assessment and the effects of reform on the health of long-term investment finance. Overall, Read More

31 Jan

Recovery & Resolution: The operational effects of bail-in

Systemic banks are at various stages in their submission of RRPs to regulators. In the US, tier 1 banks will have already submitted their first plans under Title I of Dodd-Frank, with the other tiers due to submit later in 2013. In the UK, aside from the largest institutions, submission has been delayed multiple times, Read More