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Trade Surveillance SIG (TSS): This group covers trading issues of what can be traded, where it can be traded, which types of firm can trade it and what systems they need to have in place to do so.

 TSS 16Data ethics, voice & eComms surveillance 

Date10 December 16:00-17:30 

Host: State Street, 20 Churchill Place, London E14 5HJ

Virtual Protocol: dial in for out of towners only 


16:00 Introductions 

16:10 Recap of key surveillance survey results for voice and eComms 

16:30 Analysis of key policy papers including: BoE/FCA on machine learning in UK FS  BoE/FCA 

16:45 Discussion of data ethics use cases  

17:05 Current policy boundaries and constraints   

17:20 Agenda 2020 and next steps 

17:30 End 

Please see Below a list of Documents from previous meetings:


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