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The gold standard for AI-powered control over regulatory obligations

RegDelta gives your enterprise the power to reassemble and configure your obligations into a single version of the business truth. Unlike any other data provider, we quickly crack, load and enrich every document with a deep, proprietary model for FS obligations
"This is an innovative way for us to manage our compliance with regulatory rules. We hope this will lead the way in providing a standardised and mutualised approach to regulatory rules interpretation across the financial services industry."
- Claire Hussey, Head of Middle Office and Supervisory Technology, RBS
“This system will enable us to manage the global regulatory challenges that we’re facing in a comprehensive manner. RegDelta will help automate the processes required to identify new obligations and manage the required change efficiently and effectively.”
- Chris Taves, Chief Operating Officer, Global Capital Markets, BMO
“We were impressed with the ease with which we could plug RegDelta data into our platform to provide direct linking and regulation monitoring to documents authored on our platform. Experts now have the ability to cut their regulatory research and response efforts from months to days”.
- Evgeny Likhoded, Founder and CEO of ClauseMatch

Business Challenge

  • Finding the right balance between meeting internal cost-saving objectives, whilst keeping on top of the ever-growing tower of regulatory demands is proving difficult.
  • In 2019 alone, JWG tracked against 370 legislatives and RegDelta ingested 6,129 documents including: 170 amendments, 202 Consultation documents, 317 Guidance notes and 479 This equates to a total of 204,469 pages with over 60 million words.
  • Missing a single update can cause a disproportional loss if the firm fails to spot a regulatory change and action it appropriately. To mitigate this risk financial institutions, need to redefine how they coordinate their response and utilise technology to understand where they are on the journey to having a single view of the regulatory truth throughout their organisation.
  • While much work has been done to comply, now more than ever there is a need to control the way an FS business implements these complex and detailed rule sets. The good news is that RegDelta AI-Powered Natural Language Processing technology can put you in the driving seat in a better, faster and cheaper

JWG’s RegDelta solution

Our industry leading RegDelta platform hosts a semantic rule book for regulators, financial institutions and technology companies. Powered by JWG regulatory analysts, we use highly advanced tools to scan, scrape and enrich content; helping businesses understand and manage regulatory risk in a more efficient and economical manner.

RegDelta’s SaaS + data offering gives your enterprise the power to reassemble and configure your obligations into a single version of the business truth. Unlike any other data provider, we quickly crack, load and enrich every document with a deep, proprietary model for FS obligations.


JWG has over 14 years’ experience in working with market leaders to navigate and interpret regulatory change


Underpinned by experts who crowd-source regulatory pain points and solutions, the platform is fit for purpose and evolves in line with business needs


RegDelta was built by the banks for the banks, and has since been deployed globally within many financial institutions

Our content

Golden source

RegDelta has the highest quality, best structured full-text library covering publicly available, client and 3rd party content

Fast SLA's

Fast SLAs mean firms get up-to-date regulatory alerts. JWG analysts currently provide 35% of documents the same day they were published

Global Coverage

RegDelta currently supports 12 non-English languages. We offer proven translation for non-English documentation.

RegDelta deployment

At JWG, we understand the stress of onboarding a new application internally, and that’s why we have created a seamless onboarding approach to minimise the impact to BAU tasks and FTE.


Deployed in hours for enterprise access via standard authentication protocols (e.g. SSO), into the cloud or onto current infrastructure


RegDelta has repeatedly passed penetration tests and vendor risk assessments which are filed with global regulators

Open API

RegDelta’s powerful API allows systems to ‘talk’ directly to the database and stay in sync

RegDelta is utilised in more than one way; listed below are the three alternative ways to incorporate RegDelta within your business:

  • Stand-alone horizon scanning and rule interpretation: Firms can implement RegDelta and use the core ‘out of the box’ functionality to enable them to manage, link and house applicable regulation through to their obligation register.
  • Horizon scanning, rule interpretation and 3rd party tool integration: Using RegDelta’s open API, firms use RegDelta for horizon scanning and obligations reporting. RegDelta is then integrated with external or internal policy and control solutions, enabling firms to have the full end-to-end solution.
  • SaaS content feed only: Firms do not need to implement RegDelta to benefit from our horizon scanning, instead they can opt for a ‘content only feed’. This offering allows firms to receive JWG enrich content via SFTP or other secure depositories in XML/CSS or JSON format. The content provided to firms is easily ingestible into an internal system.

Our technology partners

RegDelta is powered by some of the world’s leading technology companies to ensure that the platform is fit for purpose and evolves in line with the needs of your business

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Our clients have achieved massive returns on their investment. Contact us today for more information on how our clients have deployed and benefited from the RegDelta system.

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