Regulatory thought leadership through a collaborative attitude.

Our mission is to help financial services regain control of global regulatory change by adopting a technology-enabled, standardised and collaborative approach.

A Word From Our Founder & CEO

PJ Di Giammarino

I’m PJ, Founder and CEO of JWG. I spent a decade in a top management consultancy before getting into senior operations and technology roles at top banks. I became an entrepreneur because I saw an enormous gap in the ‘banking compliance’ market– I’m proud to say I’ve helped this space become known as ‘RegTech’ whilst building a highly informed global network of experts and also developed a great platform that solves real problems we all face.

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Making Sense Of
Financial Services Regulation

Traditional methods have been tried and tested, but failed to keep up with unmanageable regulatory demand, this is where we come in.

Keeping you informed

Through Articles, Podcasts, Analysis and Reports

  • Hundreds of new trading, risk and governance rules introduced since the financial crisis which have been tweaked again for COVID
  • The texts don't tell you how, so how do you know you have spotted all the obligations know what they mean to you and, importantly, are doing it right?
  • FS spends hundreds of billions managing regulatory changes ... and boards now demand a digital approach to compliance

We provide thought leadership through articles, analysis reports, social media campaigns and surveys.

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Fostering collaboration

Through Webinars, Conferneces, Surveys
and Special Interest Groups

  • When faced with a regulatory change hundreds of financial institutions and their suppliers need a safe space that brings them together to know how to comply
  • In 2006 we built a new approach to enable investment firms, trade associations, standards bodies, and regulators to work together to implement regulations better, faster, cheaper and more safely 

We crowdsource globally, from the heart of London to confront new regulatory obligations early via SIGs, round tables, conferences, surveys and webinars.  

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Giving you the tools

Through Machine Learning and Analytics

  • RegDelta™ is the gold standard for AI-powered control over regulatory obligations
  • RegDelta™ gives your enterprise the power to reassemble and configure your obligations into a single version of the business truth. Unlike any other data provider, we quickly crack, load and enrich every document with a deep, proprietary model for FS obligations

We deliver the power of Natural Language Processing and deep analytics delivered to our clients as a SaaS-based data license.  

Discover RegDelta™

RegDelta™ introduction

RegDelta gives your enterprise the power to scan the horizon and configure your obligations into a single business truth. Unlike any other provider, we quickly load and enrich every document with a deep, proprietary model for FS obligations.

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Our accomplishments

We 'benchmark' implementation approaches but are not consultants and do not offer legal advice – for 8 years we have been using data science and natural language processing to regain control


We have run over 400 working group meetings since 2006

Laser Focused

We post hundreds of alerts and since 2012 we have received over 1,000,000 page views

Award Winning

RegDelta™ has won multiple awards since it was commercialised in 2014

Thought Leading

Founding member and currently hold the chair of the prestigious RegTech council

RegTech Intelligence

The RegTech Intelligence Hub gives you access to thousands of insights through in depth articles, reports and analytics covering the constantly evolving world of regulatory compliance.

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RegTech Community 

RegTech Community is a dedicated safe space where financial institutions  and their suppliers come together to navigate the constantly changing noise and learn how to comply.

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RegDelta™ Solutions

RegDelta Solutions is an enterprise class SaaS platform created by us that utilises state of the art Natural Language Processing to help you navigate regulatory noise and achieve total compliance.  

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Get Engaged

Our goal is for you to be in the right place, at the right time, to understand how regulatory policy can be delivered and implemented better, faster, cheaper and safer. 

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