Welcome to JWG

JWG are operations and technology professionals, trusted by the global financial services industry as experts in regulatory change management.  For the past decade, our team of independent analysts has helped the industry interpret large quantities of regulatory reform and action it in a smart and intelligent way.

The situation


  • The G20’s 2009 reform plan launched hundreds of regulatory waves which now cover the entirety of the financial markets
  • Traditional approaches to managing the volume and multitude of regulatory changes have proven costly and slow and, in many cases, have resulted in further complexity
  • The consequences can be severe, as evidenced by more than USD300 billion in fines since 2009

Working with us

20140911_153841c We believe that the industry needs to rethink the way it manages regulatory change and adopt a technology-enabled and collaborative approach.  By spotting the deltas, knowing their impact and implementing the right solutions we can all get it done better, faster, cheaper and safer.

As well as firms, we work with trade bodies, standards organisations and regulators to facilitate the understanding of regulatory change and its impacts on financial institutions.  We cover the sell and buy-sides, market infrastructure and the vendors that serve them all.

JWG play a crucial role, bringing together a wide variety of stakeholders and pooling their knowledge to provide invaluable insight, context and feedback.

You can leverage JWG intelligence in three ways:

  • Training, publications and events
  • Collaborative special interest groups
  • The world’s first regulatory change management platform, RegDelta.


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