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About JWG

Our mission is to help financial services regain control of global regulatory change by adopting a technology-enabled, standardised and collaborative approach

Over 100 investment firms and tech companies in our 400 working groups since 2006

Actively engaged with global standards bodies and regulators since 2012

Launched the world’s first regulatory change management system in 2014

Founding member of The RegTech Council 2017

Traditional methods have been tried and tested, but failed to keep up with unmanageable regulatory demand

$40 billion TAM to manage 600 regulatory sources producing 80,000 documents since 2009

There are 10 FS compliance people today for every one in 2005

Costly analysts and lawyers on antiquated, unsustainable platforms

JWG’s RegDelta™ has reinvented the bank’s global postal system for managing regulatory change across the enterprise


JWG’s analysts comb hundreds of sites to curate a holistic regulatory data set

Millions invested coding a scalable and open ‘golden source’ data system

Regulatory Intelligence

We bring thousands of SMEs together to crowdsource intelligence

Employ sophisticated data science to assign meaning via NLP

Our analysts author hundreds of articles, alerts and white papers

SaaS Technology

MarkLogic/ SmartLogic AWS-hosted stack is licensed under OEM agreements

Proven by 40% of tier 1 banks

Highly customisable reports, workflow and dashboards allow for deep insight and complete assurance