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The ACTUS Financial Research Foundation is a not-for-profit company. Its mission is the creation of a critical infrastructure component for the financial world of tomorrow: an Algorithmic Financial Contract Standard. This Standard precisely generates the cash-flow obligations of financial contracts. It has wide applicability and can form the computation core of smart financial contracts, as well as, a broad range of financial activities, including transaction processing, risk management, liquidity analysis, pre-trade analysis, forward business planning, and building accounts. In addition, it can be used to improve the quality value of the data collected by regulators and, at the same time, reduce the regulatory reporting burden on banks. The Standard consists of 1) the Technical Specifications of the Contract Types (i.e. the algorithms) that make up the standard, 2) a Data Dictionary of the Contract Terms needed by the ACTUS Contract Types to generate the contractual cash-flow obligations, and 3) a reference implementation of the ACTUS Contract Types programmed in Java. The ACTUS software is available without charge under an open-source license.

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