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Association of Governance, Risk & Compliance (AGRC)

AGRC is a global, non-profit, professional accreditation & certification organisation, as well as a networking platform, that was founded in 2020 and started its operations a year later.

We facilitate the exchange of knowledge and sharing of experiences among governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) professionals. We support our community of multi-jurisdictional GRC professionals in the financial services industry and beyond by sharing their common values, experiences, expertise, and business development opportunities.


Our Members

Professionals in the compliance, anti-money laundering, on-boarding, risk management, legal and customer relations functions.

Industries covered include Financial Service Providers, Brokers, Banking, Accountancy, Legal Services, Consultancy, Compliance, Risk Management, Hospitality, Technology, Transportation, Energy, Real Estate, Healthcare, and more.

Main presence in Europe and the Middle East with growing cohorts in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, India, Germany, Luxembourg, and beyond.


Our Favourite Products & Services

Plenty of Level 3 certificates for recent graduates looking to enter the market or mid-level career professionals in need of a change or an opportunity to refresh their knowledge on these topics

Certificates are currently available in AML, KYC & CDD, Sanctions Compliance, Corporate Governance, Compliance, and ESG.

We also offer GRC professionals with affordable and all-inclusive membership packages for Students, Associates, Professional Members, Fellows and Lifetime Members.

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