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Business Semantics

Business Semantics helps clients minimize the costs of risks and lost opportunities arising from misinterpretation of sentences and definitions in text documents, especially governamce documents. It does this by enabling clients to author business glossaries, business rule sentences and text documents that are unambiguous both to people and, under the covers with an interpretaiton in formal logic, to computer systems. Its Disambiguator™ product suite includes Smart Glossary™, Well-defined Rules™ and Unambiguous Documents™ tools, each supporting different authoring communities within an organization. Business Semantics also provides processes and know-how for efficient glossary and rule authoring, as well as training, mentoring and quality assurance services for unambiguous authoring. The Disambiguator™ product suite implements the Object Management Group’s “Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules” (SBVR) standard and the ISO Terminology standards on which it is built.

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