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Zodia Markets

In the European digital asset market, there is a lack of institutional-grade trading venues and brokers that offer the same standards of service that are expected in traditional asset classes. Zodia Markets combines OSL’s expertise in regulatory compliant, secure institutional digital asset trading with Standard Chartered’s proven capability to develop new technology capabilities in banking and finance.

Why we exist

Higher industry standards are key to unlocking the institutional potential for the digital asset class. Zodia Markets has been established by OSL and Standard Chartered to address the need for an institutional-grade digital asset brokerage and trading venue.

Who we are

A digital asset brokerage and trading venue for institutional investors.

We combine Standard Chartered’s expertise as a trusted leader in financial markets with the agility and digital asset experience of OSL.

What we do

Based in the UK and Ireland, and initially targeting the European market, Zodia Markets will connect institutional traders to counterparties across markets, delivering access to deep pools of liquidity in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets. Zodia Markets aims to launch in the fourth quarter of 2021, subject to regulatory approvals.

How we do it

Zodia Markets is a combination of OSL’s leading digital asset expertise and the risk management, compliance, governance and security approach of a regulated global financial institution.

Why we are here for the long run

We are committed to helping institutional investors navigate the new digital asset class by making the unfamiliar familiar to them. The technology platform that OSL contributes was designed with scalability at its core, while Standard Chartered brings with it a global network and a trusted brand. Unifying these qualities in Zodia Markets will create a service that institutional customers will find both appealing and compelling.

RegTech 2021 Conference
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NextGen digital market winners and losers

Technology is shifting the borders of financial activity while global regulators purse ever deeper, challenging questions about how the infrastructure works, where the data goes and how one can prove that the last decade of transparency obligations are beginning to be met. To what extent will new asset classes and divergent regulatory approaches produce winners and losers as we move towards digital controls?

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Seminar: The Digital Asset RegTech challenge

April 5, 2022 1:00 pm


RegTech JWG Annual Conference 2021

November 16, 2021 9:00 am


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