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5th European COST Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Industry

About the Event

The aim of this conference is to bring together European academics, young researchers, students and industrial practitioners to discuss the application of Artificial Intelligence in Industry and Finance.

The 1st COST Conference was held on September 15, 2016, the 2nd COST Conference was held on September 7, 2017, the 3rd COST Conference was held on September 6, 2018, and the 4th AI Conference was held on September 5, 2019.

All lectures are open to the public.

Event Agenda

  • Artificial Intelligence in Finance: Artificial Intelligence and Fintech challenges for the European banking and insurance industry
  • Artificial Intelligence in Industry: Artificial Intelligence challenges for European companies from the mechanical and electrical industry, but also life sciences.
  • Regulatory Technology in Finance: This session is devoted to the use of modern technology for the automation of regulatory reporting in finance.
  • Ethical Questions in Artificial IntelligenceIssues arising in AI applications such as trust, explainability, neutrality, responsibility, moral consequences of algorithmic decisions.
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