JWG Q4 2014 data helicopter view

Video: Regulatory reform: 2014 helicopter view.   At our visit to FIMA this month, we summarised our current views of the latest data requirements as covered in our recently published research, ‘G20 FS reform: will you survive or thrive?’ By 2020, the industry could face a regulatory page count that tops three Eiffel Towers high worth

Video: Regulatory reform – 2014 helicopter view. Regulation is coming thick and fast.  Seventy thousand pages a year fast! Dealing with this deluge with a page-by-page, regulation-by-regulation approach is becoming impossible as the G20 commitments become spread across many rulebooks.  This means that firms trying to tackle the changes one-by-one will end up with sky-high implementation

Insights into EMIR trade reporting

JWG co-hosted a webinar earlier this week, along with Banking Technology and the DTCC, examining the recently launched EMIR trade reporting regime.  The conversation tackled a range of issues, including challenges faced by industry participants in getting ready for the 12 February launch date, and a look ahead to future milestones in the reporting regime.

Despite the fact that we are waiting for the December plenary session, and that the details of MiFID II are not yet finalised, we can already observe some key changes in the legislation.  The presentation below was accurate as of 12 November 2013, but is not intended to be updated or relied upon. This presentation

G20 regulatory reform: a helicopter view

This presentation was delivered at FIMA on 6 November 2013. With the regulation page count continuing to increase exponentially, implementation becomes more complicated as rules overlap and deadlines slide. As a result, firms are generally unprepared for the new challenges that are facing them. However, new regulatory requirements now command more senior management focus and