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New digital risks: regulatory infrastructure controls Q3 2022

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About the Event

An opportunity for senior IT, Risk and Compliance managers to confront new regulatory demands and discuss strategic board priorities and plans over dinner

New regulation will fundamentally change the landscape for the biggest tech companies–particularly cloud providers–for the first time by demanding end-to-end controls.

Operational resilience (UKPS6/21,DORA), third party/outsourcing (critical third parties), tech governance (AI Act/DORA) with a privacy/ESG/data governance overlay will place different, but overlapping requirements on the risk management of financial services firms.

Firms will need new to bring current risk management silos together and implement governance frameworks to ensure they meet obligations but also require unprecedented transparency and assurance from their third-party technology providers. Vendors unable or unwilling to provide their clients with the information they require may lose business. The new regulatory landscape, requires a holistic approach to be successful.

PJ Di Giammarino, Founder and CEO of JWG, an independent regulatory think-tank will facilitate a Chatham house rule dinner with select industry experts to discuss findings from a 20 page research report “Managing Digital Infrastructure Risk: A collaborative path to financial services safety”.

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Event Agenda

  • Starter: What are the new regulatory drivers, when will they arrive and what will the Board’s new regulatory baseline look like in 2025?
  • Main: How can the industry streamline mapping exercises, control checklists, stress testing, standards and board-level risk dashboard creation?
  • Pudding: What are the paths forward and how industry collaboration should play a part in 2022 plans?
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