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Regulatory reform – 2014 helicopter review

Video: Regulatory reform – 2014 helicopter view.

Regulation is coming thick and fast.  Seventy thousand pages a year fast!

Dealing with this deluge with a page-by-page, regulation-by-regulation approach is becoming impossible as the G20 commitments become spread across many rulebooks.  This means that firms trying to tackle the changes one-by-one will end up with sky-high implementation costs and conflicting priorities – unless they take action now to pull it all together.

What is needed in this space is a consolidated approach, which looks at how regulation as a whole aligns, by examining overlapping requirements for their lowest common denominators.

In our presentation, we cover 300,000 pages of regulatory reform via a top-down ‘helicopter view’ to see, not only the ‘here and now’, but the full landscape.

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