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Winning in the decade ahead

RegTech 2.0 Conference - 7th February 2020

On stage: This is our fifth annual RegTech conference which brings together the regulated, regulators and top technology innovators.

  • Confirmed regulators thus far: Bank of England, CFTC, European Central Bank, FCA – with more pending confirmation
  • 16 Senior Executives from leading Tier 1 & Tier 2 financial institutions – with more pending confirmation

Objective 2020: A decade on from the financial crisis, the public & private sector ecosystem foundations established in its aftermath, are being renewed. In our conference we will explore how all participants plan to win the race to ‘good RegTech’ this decade.

The RegTech 2.0 Conference 2020 offers an excellent platform to get your message to market. This year we are expanding the themes and looking to craft the right agenda:


Morning Panels Afternoon Panels
  • Enabling RegTech Market Ecosystems
  • What has been missing to date
  • How will new public sector strategies seek to overcome the gaps
  • Thinking about data as capital and RegTech as part of the risk equation
  • How does RegTech help create regulation fit for the digital age
  • Changing the Reporting framework with RegTech
  • Deploying new reporting tech assets
  • Moving to newly-agreed standards
  • Scaling approaches from lab to shop floor
  • The promise of collaboration, standards and common reference data
  • RegTech as part of a regulated business strategy
  • Banking tomorrow in a digitized, politically divergent world
  • Prioritizing a decade of regulatory safety, transparency and accountability requests
  • The impact of not digitizing compliance
  • Managing your risks and controls with RegTech
  • How do you prove a business/ function is under control?
  • Can better controls reduce costs?
  • New expectations for operating models and governance
  • Is RegTech Infrastructure a systemic risk
  • The emergence of systemic IT threats to the public
  • Cloud concentration risks and the need for regional / local clouds
  • Regulating the clouds’ safety standards
  • Data policy / data privacy and federated access
  • Thinking about data as capital and how to incentivise computational integrity
  • Why AI, ML and NLP matter for holistic surveillance
  • What will ‘holistic’ mean: Trade, eComms, Voice and AML
  • Best practices for coping with Conduct, SM&CR, AML, MAR and Dodd Frank
  • Machine learning, behavioural analytics, biometrics and NLP success stories


  • Deploying AML RegTech to protect the system
  • The 1/20 demands of AMLD V on firms to police public sector ownership registries
  • Cross-border RegTech experimentation with DLT and homomorphic encryption
  • The future of identifiers and common reference data
  • Regulated/ Regulator/ Technology Priorities Q&A
  • Future priorities
  • Your questions answered

Who should attend:

  • Regulatory SMEs: heads of regulatory change, compliance, legal, regulatory reporting, regulatory programme owners, etc.
  • Executive decision-makers: CDOs, CIOs, CAOs, COOs, etc.
  • Technology: CTOs, heads of eCommerce, heads of IT, etc.

JWG’s Credentials: As an independent market intelligence company, JWG is uniquely positioned to put on the leading RegTech conference. Our special interest groups, heavy use of social media and blogs, RegTech Council activity and standards work have kept us in the thick of it so that we can align this event to needs of regulators, regulated and the companies that serve them.

Don’t miss out as we work with the leaders to set the agenda. Contact: Corrina.stokes@jwg-it.eu ASAP to discuss how we can shape the February 2020 agenda and have you join us.

RegTech Capital Markets Conference 2019

Once again, our annual RegTech Conference, now our 4th, proved to be the ideal forum for FS market leaders and decision makers to have comprehensive and constructive discussions with their peers, regulatory bodies and technology innovators.

Over 230 C level executives, from both the private and public sectors, came together to learn, network and exchange ideas. 27 speakers on 9 thought provoking panels, highlighted the importance of sharing information, in a co-operative spirit, with the aim of finding effective strategies to deal with what is currently happening in the regulatory space. Leaders within RegTech were able to have direct contact with the decision makers within Tier 1 & 2 banks, allowing them to talk about how their products can help deal with the multifaceted problems, resulting from an ever-evolving regulatory environment.

Speakers included: The Bank of England, Financial Conduct Authority, Deutsche Bundesbank, BlackRock, BNP Paribas, CBA, Citi, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, ING, Revolut, Soc Gen, Santander and State Street.

Vendors included: Apiax, Blueprint, Cloudera, Digital Reasoning, Kaizen, MarkLogic, NICE Actimize, RegDelta, Simudyne, Smartlogic, Synechron and Virtusa

The audience included: Allianz, BAML, Barclays, BMO, BNY Mellon, Canaccord, China Construction Bank, Citi, Citadel, Credit Agricole, ED&F Man, Exane, ICBC, JP Morgan, LBG, Luminor Group, Maquarie, M&G, Morgan Stanley, MUFJ, Nomura, Northern Trust, Rabobank, RBC, Ruffer, Santander, Saxo Markets, Scotiabank, TD, UBS, Wellington, Wells Fargo, Westpac and more!

The Conference delivered a holistic perspective on the journey up the RegTech mountain, the paths forward and the marathon in front of us.

The aim of our RegTech conference has always been to create a community which not only discusses the regulatory agenda but encourages strategic conversations on how banks, in conjunction with regulators and trade associates, can avoid the many pitfalls in this space.  In addition, with the presence of some of the most innovative vendors in this field, it gives decision makers hands-on access to solutions which promote maximum efficiency whilst reducing risk.

Exhibit 1: Audience interaction at 7 June RegTech Capital Markets









As you can see in exhibit 1, by using next generation interactive event e-badges at this year’s conference, over 2081 unique connections were – an average of 9 per delegate which is double the average conference!  Exhibit 1: Audience interaction at 7 June RegTech Capital Markets

The consensus at this year’s conference is that there has been a shift in the mood – it’s still a marathon, with decades of work still to do. Having said that, we now have an environment where regulators are actively asking how they should be setting the standards and with industry leaders stepping up with answers. Collaboration maximises the chances of genuine success and we at JWG continue to be at the forefront of this conversation – as we have been since 2006 when we set-up our first ‘Joint Working Group’.