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By: PJ Di Giammarino  After a decade of data challenges, Regulators are now taking cautious steps towards new reporting technology. New reports issued this month show that DRR finally has traction and that demand for better solutions is high as the industry pinpoints which areas to deploy it.   We may finally be at a tipping point for both transactional and prudential data reporting. However, all eyes

UK regulators must endorse a single digital interpretation of European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) reporting rules if the digital regulatory reporting (DRR) work underway with industry collaborators is to succeed. The private sector has engaged and done much of the heavy lifting to prove digital regulatory reporting works for all kinds of business models, said

Author: Rachel Wolcott, Thomson Reuters The European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) derivatives trade reports and Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II transaction reports regulators collect is unlikely to be yielding the market insights required to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) 2019/20 annual report and work programme shows EMIR reports’

Round the table: ​ Firms: Allianz, Blackrock, BMO, Citi, Credit Suisse, DB, GAM, Goldman Sachs, LBG, Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered, UBS​ Infrastructure: Regnosys, Inforalgo, Business Semantics​ Trade Associations: ISDA​ 25 people will discuss:​ A proposal for a RegTech Council EMIR Refit interpretation project​ Benefits and resource commitments​ Key stakeholders, thresholds and next steps for the launch of Q4 project​ What to

Round the table: ​ Firms: Allianz, BMO, Citi, CS, DB, GAM, Goldman Sachs, LBG, RBS, Santander, Standard Chartered, UBS​ Regulator: FCA ​ Infrastructure: Regnosys, Inforalgo​ Trade Associations: ISDA. FIA​ 25 people will discuss:​ A proposal for a RegTech Council EMIR Refit interpretation project​ Thresholds and next steps for the launch of the RegTech Council project​ Define next steps for RRDS in 2020

On 19 February  the European Commission unleashed radical new plans to spend billions on a new data strategy which is based on a report from an expert group. Buried in the detail is a clear indication that the forthcoming digital finance strategy in Q3 will be focused on ‘pro-competitive’ regulatory data reporting standards.   Conveniently

By PJ Di Giammarino, CEO JWG and Chair RegTech Council   Key points: Regulators are being hampered in their risk oversight duties by poor data quality and over £100m in fines were issued in 2019 for poor reports EU and UK regulators are out in front of global efforts to correct the rocky start on

RegTech: the new lifeblood of compliance

By PJ Di Giammarino, CEO JWG Group and Chair of the RegTech Council In the aftermath of the global crisis, financial regulators rushed to implement complex rules without having a complete view of their consolidated impact and how the technical infrastructure of the industry would have to respond to their new demands for data. After

We are pleased to be able to share the recording of our Webinar: Regulatory Reporting – It’s Time for a Rethink: Capital Markets Best Practice for 2019 from 15 January. During Q4 2018, JWG, in conjuncture with industry leading RegTech firm, Inforalgo, conducted in-depth interviews with senior executives from 12 global financial institutions to obtain insight