A spotlight on the business impact of digital regulation

Episode 6
Digitizing derivative reporting with DRR

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Rachel Wolcott takes the chair to talk to Dawd Haque, Deutsche Bank, PJ Di Giammarino, JWG and Leo Labeis, Regnosys about the industry’s ground-breaking collaborative effort to get derivatives trade reporting right.

The group explains how over a dozen sell and buy-side firms are rolling up their sleeves and working with their key suppliers to take an analogue process and digitize it in order to produce a high-quality picture of the global derivatives market required by new CPMI-IOSCO delivering critical data elements (CDEs).

By 2022 the sector will be completely transformed with new, digital standards which can be implemented by thousands of firms via an open-source Common Domain Model which gives firms and their suppliers the chance to align with common test packs.

The group explains the enormous business case for the Global Derivatives Digital Regulatory Reporting programme which is scaling up to complete EMIR Refit and CFTC common domain models by the end of 2021.

This is industry collaboration at its best.  Leading trade associations, standards bodies firms and their suppliers have had to innovate through the pandemic to define a collaborative method of working.

DRR has its work cut out for itself and is this project going to set the new digital blueprint for regulatory collaboration in the future.

One theme comes across from this episode: if your job touches data and derivative you can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity to be part of a digital revolution which will have business consequences far beyond just sending better, faster and cheaper reports to your regulators.

This collaboration sets the new digital blueprint for regulatory reporting. If your job touches data and derivatives, you can’t afford to skip this one!

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