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Latest edition of RegBeacon published

We are pleased to publish the latest copy of our newsletter, RegBeacon.

In this edition we look back on a quarter that saw us take major steps forward with our regulatory change management platform, RegDelta, host more than 10 industry working groups and agree to host another crucial conference on RegTech.

As politicians, courts, regulators and firms grapple with the challenges of getting our new, young rulebook bedded down and into practice before the next crisis, we see a rare window of opportunity for 2017 to become the year we all started to work together.

Simply put, we simply can’t spend tens of billions to link all the bits of paper to a view of how we run our financial institutions.  The world is ready for serious RegTech.  Tracking spreadsheets, confusing emails, unclear ownership, unintelligible PowerPoints and highlighter battles might have been OK for a three or four-year-old change management programme, but a more adult approach is now needed.

To help put both the regulatory landscape in perspective, our members-only newsletter, RegBeacon, is now available here.

In this issue you can find:

  • Feature: Regulatory reform: acting like a grown-up?
  • European update: MiFID II – the eye of the RegTech storm
  • JWG’s Q3 report card – what we achieved
  • The CDMG landscape Q3 – what we have learned from our work with over 35 firms so far in 2016
  • Membership update: CDMG 2016 Q3 in review– a review of all of the CDMG meetings held in Q3
  • Membership update: MIG Q3 2016 – our sell-side only MiFID II implementation group has met 8 times in Q3
  • RegTechFS: our online community – An update our online platform and the most read articles
  • RegDelta Q3 update – The latest developments to our regulatory change management platform
  • Events – An update on the event that we have spoken at in the last quarter
  • JWG conference – 28 February 2017 – The aim of February’s event will be to see what firms, regulators and their suppliers have been doing about RegTech during the previous 6 months and to establish leading practices for RegTech

As JWG continues to expand its products, services and team, we stand ready to help. The industry’s recognition of the need for Regtech and the uptake of our next generation regulatory change management platform, RegDelta, are just two examples.

We are working hard to ensure we continue our progress into the next quarter and we hope you enjoy this member’s only snapshot.

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